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Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast
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Dive behind-the-scenes and get to know the cast we selected to portray ECOSYSTEM, our latest capsule. At AMERICAE, we see ourselves as more than a womenswear brand: we see ourselves as a community of women with unique identities, interests, and talents. However, a few things that connect them all are their belief in self, curiosity, worldliness, empathy, and desire to make an impact. 

Back in December, we posted an open casting call to our Instagram. We received many submissions and ultimately selected three women as the protagonists behind the ECOSYSTEM capsule. These women were chosen because of the complexity of their characters and we wanted to highlight who they are, behind the scenes.

Meet Anjali, Claire, and Tori. 

What was your dream career as a young girl? How has this changed?

Anjali: As a young girl, I remember wanting to be everything possible: a professional race car driver, an archaeologist, an astronaut - really everything under the sun! I loved learning and exploring. Though I might not be a race car driver, archaeologist, or astronaut now, I still love exploring new worlds and learning as much as I can about as many things as I can. I have learned, though, that life isn't really about what you do, but who you are as you do it. For me, that has been constant. I'm someone who loves to learn and keep learning.

Claire: When I was a little girl, I wanted to work in environmental sciences or anything involving nature. I ended up not choosing that career path, but nature is still deeply rooted in me from tending to my plants and going on hikes to appreciating everything this world has to offer.

Tori: As a little girl, my dream career was to be a nurse. As I have grown, I realized I have a passion for modeling and ever since, my dream has changed to chase this passion.

Tell us about your academic or skill-development pursuits.

Anjali: Though I know this question relates to formal schooling, I do have to admit that most of what I have learned in life has been outside of the classroom. After graduating high school, I took a gap year to live and work in India and England. Among other things, I got to be a professional artist in both places and learned so much in the process. I took another gap year after graduating college, this time to explore the intersection of my love of performance with my passion for human rights, and ended up working for a social justice dance company in India and collaborating with students in Brazil to use movement as a form of healing. I then went to law school and tried to do the same thing - I got to curate an arts and human rights exhibit at my law school, and develop and present a workshop on how movement can be a powerful tool for lawyers. Honestly, all of these real-world experiences have taught me so much alongside what I have learned in classrooms, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn how to navigate this life through such incredible experiences.

Claire: I went to school for photography and worked as a freelance product photographer for companies before making the switch to the other side of the camera.

Tori: I am currently continuing my education as a freshman in college.

Tell us about your professional pursuits.

Anjali: I work full-time at a law firm, and also work as a professional dancer in New York City. The two sometimes go hand in hand, and sometimes drift very far apart, so I will say there are lots of ebbs and flows within each! Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the performance industry, for example, my work at the law firm has definitely been in more of a flow than an ebb!

Claire: I am a model and work in markets along the east coast.

Tori: I currently work at an Amazon warehouse facility and work in retail at Marshall’s.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests.

Anjali: I have always been curious to learn new things, as I mentioned before. I love to read, learn languages, travel, hike, and exercise in my free time.

Claire: Plants. Especially this past year with spending more time at home, I’ve been able to fully focus on understanding my plant babies more. My boyfriend and I try to fit in a hike almost every weekend: we use the AllTrails app to make bucket lists of the trails we want to explore. I also love cozying up with a massive mug of tea and getting my creative juices flowing with crafts like embroidery, ceramics, and knitting. 

Tori: My hobbies and interests include cosmetology, fashion, and sports. I have played volleyball for 6 years now, and am currently a clinician at a local volleyball camp. I also love to listen to music and go on road trips, hiking and traveling around the country whenever I get the chance.

Describe your personal style.

Anjali: My personal style varies - and it changes a lot. I would describe it as empowered, because I always wear things that make me embody the person that I am that day. I love that clothes can be such a powerful extension of who I am, never static and never boring. And I have more jumpsuits than I care to admit in public.

Claire: Cozy chic! I love anything comfy with a bit of my own flair. Since I don’t have many excuses to dress up and go out these days, I’ve been mixing up my at home outfits instead of wearing sweats/leggings. Lately, there is a new pair of gold velvet pants that I have been rocking the heck out of!

Tori: I would describe my personal style as trendy yet [polished]. I love to accessorize and think it’s a great way to spice up a simple look

To you, what characteristics does the AMERICAE woman possess?

Anjali: To me, the AMERICAE woman is someone who is confident in who she is and the powers she already possesses. She knows she is not just one thing, but an ever-expanding multiverse. She knows how to work hard, but does not compromise on who she is to satisfy "what she does." She simply is, and knows that just being is the most beautiful and radical act she could engage in. I'm grateful to keep growing into myself as not only a woman, but also an AMERICAE woman. 

Claire: The AMERICAE woman unapologetically embraces her individuality. She is powerful in her own way. The AMERICAE woman exists in every woman. I have always felt a strong pull to live my life to the beat of my own drum, while being a cheerleader for others to love what makes their soul flourish. There is something powerful in knowing what makes you different and humbly embracing it. After all, life would not be interesting if we were all the same.

Tori: The AMERICAE woman is beautiful, confident, powerful, and elegant.

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