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About Us

AMERICAE is an American clothing brand and cultural lab celebrating, contributing to, and questioning 21st Century Americanness is our driving purpose. In fact, it is stitched into our very fabric, from our company name, birthplace, ‘north-south’ cultural identity, and personal life story. 

AMERICAE (n): Latin for the Americas, the land mass formed by North and South America. Its inhabitants are known as Americans.

We are inspired to sensorially interpret American stories of history, culture, identity, and the fusion of the extraordinary and the ordinary. Reality is extraordinary ®️ is our community’s ethos –– a reminder to relentlessly pursue your own version of extraordinary. We work with brands, artists, and partners that believe in sensorial expressions of life and culture and the importance of defining and redefining what it means to be American.

We also work with some of the best sustainable fabric mills, artisans, ateliers, and workshops. Our emerald craftspeople, goldsmiths, gemologists, leather experts, and pattern-makers are women or family owned teams that have learned their trade at luxury houses or have honed techniques passed down from previous generations.

AMERICAE is headquartered in Philadelphia. Production is based in New York City, Italy, and Bogotá.



A Guide to Living Reality is Extraordinary®️ 


Embrace unapologetic living. Live life on your own terms.


Be kind to yourself. Know your worth.


'Modern elegance, unapologetic attitude' should be a proverb.


Integrity, confidence – that's true beauty.


Don't settle for ordinary when what you want is extraordinary.


Reality is extraordinary. You are too.

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