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Quarantine Cocktail Hour

Quarantine Cocktail Hour
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Since days have been feeling longer and longer, we've explored ways to add excitement into our routines. Rather than our "go-to" drinks for Friday happy hours, we found unique recipes to shake life up a bit (or stir if that's your preference). In celebration of our apparel capsule releases later this summer, each cocktail corresponds to a color on our featured Pantone palette. Pick Evening Primrose, Satin Moss, Evening Blue, Dark Cheddar, Poppy Red, or Cheeky Pink as your inspiration for an evening of modern elegance with a brightly colored drink in your most sophisticated glass.

Evening Primrose

The ingredients for this mixed drink may sound surprising at first, but when combined, it transforms into a well-balanced, beautiful blend of flavors. Each characteristic can be tasted in every sip. First sweetness, then freshness, and a finale of the cucumber and cilantro scent.

Recipe here.

Satin Moss 

We feel a particular affinity towards this drink since the caipirinha is Brazil's national cocktail. Made with cachaça, a distilled South American spirit, you'll wish you were in Brazil while sipping this cocktail. 

Recipe here.

Evening Blue 
Gunmetal Blue Cocktail

Blue and citrus don't usually match. But in this mezcal forward drink, it's exactly what you need for a classic drink with a modern twist. A sip of it embodies boldness in the unexpected with a hint of orange flavor in an azure mixture.

Recipe here.

Dark Cheddar
Campari Cosmo Cocktail

If you find yourself dreaming of Italy on a hot summer evening, the Campari Cosmo will delight your senses. But don't let the refreshing orange fool you. This is a robust drink, so we recommend pairing it with a delicious Italian-inspired meal.

Recipe here.

Poppy Red
The Madras

A drink named after a fabric is a bit unexpected, but this color-saturated cocktail is a novel talking point for those interested in apéritifs and fashion. The eponymous name references Madras fabric and the poppy color that results from its bright orange and red bleeding together in the wash.

Recipe here.

Cheeky Pink 
Summer Cobbler Cocktail

This blackberry delight recalls the idyllic American summer we long for after a week of Zoom meetings. Take the much needed time to stretch from hunching over the computer all day and let nostalgia in a glass envelope you.

Recipe here.

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