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Pronouncing AMERICAE

Pronouncing AMERICAE
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Even if you think you are a fashion encyclopedia, chances are you may be getting a few names wrong. Or, if you're well-versed with the industry giants, some of the newer names may need a how-to guide.

For example, you might have taught yourself the following:

  • Comme des Garçons = "com-deh-gahr-sohn"
  • Givenchy = "jzee-vawn-shee"
  • Hermès = "ehr-mehz"
  • Moschino = "mohs-kee-no"

But, do you know how to pronounce AMERICAE?

Better yet, do you know what AMERICAE means?

AMERICAE (n): the Americas, North and South, in classical Latin. The name represents our multiple western hemisphere inspiration points, as defined primarily by the Americas, and our founder's heritage as a Colombia-born native raised in the U.S. and the duality that represents in her person. 

Now that you know what AMERICAE means, we have you covered with a little pronunciation help.

Press ▶️  to hear the pronunciation guide for [AH-MEH-RI-KAY].

  • AMERICAE = "ah-meh-ri-kay"


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