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5 Minutes With: Melissa Alam

5 Minutes With: Melissa Alam
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Melissa Alam is a first-generation Bangladeshi-American and creative entrepreneur with a passion for design and community building. She works with clients big and small to develop and execute web design, social media strategy, and content creation to increase sales, gain more exposure and inspire movements. She is the founder and CEO of Femme & Fortune, a digital platform and community for multicultural and ambitious women, founder and producer of FearlessCon, a yearly conference for enterprising women, and H$TL House, an intimate workshop and private event space in Philadelphia for creatives burning the midnight oil.

After recognizing a void in terms of resources, events and spaces for women. Melissa launched Femme & Fortune and FearlessCon.

Melissa inspires women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and industries, embodies the concept of reality is extraordinary, and certainly inspires us.

What do you do?

I build brands and make them look good online and host events to bring together creative people.

What do you love about what you do?

I am my own boss and there is no better feeling than that. I can work from anywhere (perfect because I am a travel addict), pick who I want to work with, and make my own schedule.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Ohio, Illinois, and Connecticut and now call Philly my home. My ethnicity is Bengali.


I graduated with a degree in marketing from Temple University and was class of 2010.


Leo Sun, Aries Moon, Scorpio Rising.

Favorite Americae items and why? 

I cannot pick just one. Everything from Americae is so unique, extremely high quality and comes with such a bold and cultural feel. I am loving a matching pantsuit these days so the Tropical and Tuxedo printed suits are major-statements, and the Andromeda Chokers give me high priestess/Cleopatra vibes.

Who do you think embodies the Americae Woman, living or dead, and why?

Strong, bold women who aren't afraid to speak their mind and run empires. Historical women like Cleopatra or Scheherazade but also the modern female CEO who is changing the world and wants to also look the part.

Describe your style and why is it authentically you?

My style is usually casual. I live in athleisure and also am a tomboy. However, I love dresses with patterns, florals, or a unique structure. I try to play up my favorite features too, like showcasing my legs or shoulders with dresses or tops. 

What drives you?

Living my life to my full potential is what drives me. Reality is extraordinary, and we are all capable of living and being extraordinary as well (it's already in us!) and that is the feeling I search for every day. From my work with clients to the events I create, I want to help enable everyone around me to feel empowered and capable of anything and everything they have always wanted to achieve. Everyone can feel and be fearless and unstoppable.

What is on your bookshelf? 

Love Rules, by Joanne Coles and, You Are A Mogul, by Tiffany Pham.

Next or favorite travel destination?

I am heading to Bali in November and I cannot wait to be across the world enjoying fresh acai bowls on the beach. Other cities on my bucket list for 2019 include Santorini, Vancouver, and Amsterdam.

What is next for you?

More client work. Maybe hosting some new events in different cities. Planning FearlessCon for its 5th year in 2019. Every day comes with new opportunities, so I enjoy seeing what the universe has in store for me.



Reality is extraordinary. You are too.

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