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Meet Gabriela Guaracao

Meet Gabriela Guaracao
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Meet Gabriela

In her own words, meet the things, people, and places that inspire her vision.


I have loved color since I was a child and have always been fascinated by the thousands of colors, the differences between shades, and the meaning colors carry.

I used to be the queen of black. But that was before I realized how empowering and liberating color could be.

It makes you stand a little taller and prouder. And, without fail, every single time I wear color I get a compliment. Also, I notice myself giving compliments to other people when they wear colorful things.

It is almost as if we all secretly realize that color is equal to happiness and we want to gravitate towards it.

Black is a color too, and it is a beautiful canvas to truly make your own. I advocate for our Raw Emerald Ring in situations like this.

We always get asked why chartreuse is our signature color. I like to say it is because it is a happy color. Which is true. But the more detailed answer is because it combines so many things that move me. Chartreuse is the marriage of green and yellow. Green is important to me because my soul feels excited by deep green rolling hills or the deep green peaks of the Andes Mountains. Yellow is important to me because it is the first color you see in the morning if you are lucky enough to have the sun shining in your direction.

It also is a color that stands for freshness and optimism–– a color that gives you a reason on its own to be happy.


Wanderlust, fernweh, whatever some may call it, I am inspired by the world and its abundance of cultures.

I was raised to believe that the world was a place to explore often. There is so much history around the world and so much vigor stemming from the wonderful fabric of cultures that pepper our universe. 

Europe with its Roman and Greek influences, South America with its Spanish, Portuguese, African, and Native American fusion, the Middle East or East Asia––the centers of so many religions and early civilizations, North America being the melting pot of everything and everyone...I could go on.  

How could anyone pass up the opportunity to explore it if given the chance?

There is no other choice but to travel it. 


Gothic Architecture

The doors, the spires, and the vaulted ceilings. Architectural dreams were made of this. Whether it is true gothic, Catalan gothic, or gothic revival––this architectural style sings to my soul. And it’s influenced our logo and imagery.

I still remember the first time I walked into Santa María del Mar in Barcelona. Or, I always make sure to stop into St. Patrick's Cathedral if I am somewhere near midtown Manhattan. Last by certainly not least, I am amazed at how Las Lajas Sanctuary––a gothic revival church in Colombia––is built on and in between a canyon in the Andes Mountains. Fascinating.

Boldness and the Unexpected

But classically done. There is nothing better than a flourish of color or an interesting accessory to elevate classic style in a modern, elegant way. There is magic in the unexpected.


Languages are the windows or eyes into its respective culture. I am fascinated by the historical or geographical elements that make a language. My husband kindly mocks me every time I try to understand how or why words came to be. 

Take English, a Germanic language that is influenced by Old Norse, Latin, Spanish, and French among others. Or Spanish, a Romance language that stems from Latin and has been influenced by other languages such as Frankish and Arabic, just to name a few.

The how and the why behind these influences is mesmerizing. 

Curious as to what’s next? Stay tuned. Have questions about Americae? Send us an email. 

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