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Now Boarding: AMERICAE Airways

Now Boarding: AMERICAE Airways
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Now boarding flights to Barcelona, Milan, New York City, Bogotá, Philadelphia, and others.

Our curiosity for the world and desire to explore can’t be stopped. It’s why we include an AMERICAE Map—a keepsake with every purchase.

Given current challenges with global travel, we created a new way to discover our AMERICAE Map. 

Explore with ease in your work from home attire by clicking the links for a virtual tour of every stop.

Each location on the map inspires our mission and aesthetic through color, language, or architecture. These magnificent destinations are close to our hearts, and we hope you enjoy exploring how the reality of each is extraordinary.

Pack your digital bag and follow our journey through the eyes of an AMERICAE tourist.



Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is the laid back but exuberant sister to Bogotá’s posh metropolis. Its colonial old town is filled with luxury shops, fine restaurants and travelers from all over the world. Prepare to embrace the Colombian culture and the magical experiences it offers.

Tour Link here (7m)

Cocora Valley, Colombia

The mountainous and colorful landscape of this epicenter of coffee is the perfect sensorial destination. Many spectacular hikes await in emerald green vistas under the world’s tallest palm indulge yourself.

Tour Link here (3m)



Barcelona, Spain

The Gothic Quarter, El Born, and Gaudí are just parts of this unique Mediterranean city where you’ll hear local languages like Catalan and Spanish spoken frequently next to Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and English, among others. The beautiful blend of cultures sound melodic during a walk in Barcelona.

Tour Link here (8m)



Cathedral of Barcelona, Spain

Enchanting Gothic facades, interiors, and cloisters were home to the knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Today, it’s one of the most visited churches in the world. A video cannot quite capture the Cathedral of Barcelona’s gravitas and impressive nature, but it’s just enough to place yourself in its breathtaking shadow.

Tour Link here (6m)

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC, USA

The largest Gothic church in North America and National Historic Landmark takes up a whole city block. It’s easy to see how St. Patrick’s Cathedral has become one of  the most iconic churches in the world with its vaulted ceilings residing among skyscrapers in the center of Manhattan.

Tour Link here (2m)

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Las Lajas Sanctuary is a fascinating Gothic Revival basilica in Colombia, built on and in between a river canyon in the Andes Mountains. It’s a feat of engineering. The doors, spires, and vaulted ceilings are what architectural dreams and our inspiration are made of. 

Tour Link here (2m)



Dallas’ Meadows Museum, USA

The permanent collection of Spanish art is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world, containing works from the 10th through the 21st centuries by such masters as Goya, Miró and Picasso. Delve into short overviews of various pieces by these artists in personalized ‘Tiny Tours’ from the Meadows Museum.

Tour Link here (varies)

Miami National Tropical Botanical Garden, USA

Our team loves to be immersed in nature. The Miami National Tropical Botanical Garden—The Kampong—is the ideal place to find peace and serenity amongst the incredible plant life. If you’ve been in a creative block, join us in these majestic gardens to be reinvigorated.

Tour Link here (3m)



The Mediterranean

The region includes parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia, and an awe-inspiring medley of cultures and places to visit. It is the epicenter of so many religions and early civilizations—the birth of humanity. So much inspiration stems from the world’s wonderful fabric of societies. This video encapsulates just a glimpse of the extensive ways of life.

Tour Link here (3m)



Milan, Italy

It is one of the most important fashion capitals in the world, but Milan is also home to some of our mills. However, Milan is anything but a “run-of-the-mill” city if you know where to look. Uncover the flurry of industry that influences our love affair with Milan.

Tour Link here (7m)

Bogotá, Colombia

Colombian emeralds are globally famous and Bogotá has a dedicated tradition to this craft. There are no finer emeralds than those in Colombia. Home to the International Emerald Museum and located in one home country of our founder’s, Bogotá was the clear choice to source our emeralds from. 

Tour Link here (4m)

Philadelphia, USA

Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States, the fifth largest city in America, home to one of the most dynamic culinary landscapes in the country, and the birthplace of AMERICAE. Naturally, we want to provide the chance to put yourself in our shoes and walk through the city we adore every day.

Tour Link here (5m)

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