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Modern elegance, unapologetic attitude, that's AMERICAE. We're building the next great womenswear brand. Our core tenet, 'reality is extraordinary,' should be a proverb. It's a reminder to relentlessly pursue your own version of extraordinary. A great outfit can be like empowering armor and every woman has the right to feel this way, which is why we donate proceeds to nonprofits that empower.

Based in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, we’re building the next great womenswear brand and one that is driven to tell an unapologetic story of life, culture, and empowerment through clothing, handbags, and jewelry. 

AMERICAE believes in the emboldening power of exciting womenswear. Our product and mission reflects what moves us: modern elegance and living with an unapologetic attitude.

AMERICAE experiences, from our product to our digital and physical retail activations immerse our consumer in the sensorial aspects of our world.

It’s a journey full of texture and magic that always celebrates her. Our core tenant is 'reality is extraordinary' which is fundamentally about empowerment and reminding our consumer to live authentically, unapologetically, and pursue their version of extraordinary. 

Who is the AMERICAE Woman?

The AMERICAE Woman values difference and uniqueness in her life just as in her way of dressing. Dressing is an important part of her self-expression because she believes that what she wears reflects her values. As such, she seeks brands that are an extension of her style and her values. 

She is globally aware, meaning that she pays attention to what is happening around the world and is curious to expanding her horizons through travel, museums, magazines, films, or books. 

The AMERICAE Woman is focused on pursuing her own version of extraordinary. She lives life on her own terms and stands for what she believes in. She is unwavering. She has a positive impact on the world around her and empowers others. She is adventurous and not afraid to be feminine—however she chooses to interpret the word. She is authentic because she wears her true self bravely, inspiring and uplifting those around her.  The AMERICAE Woman lives with courage, passion, and integrity. In factit is in pursuing the unexpected where she finds growth and soul nourishment.

In past blog posts we have asked interview subjects who they believe embodies the AMERICAE Woman. Their responses ranged from the descriptive "confident women" and "titans of tomorrow"  to specific women such as "Amal Clooney, Carolina Herrera, Zendaya, and Margherita Missoni," exhibiting the multifaceted portrait of the AMERICAE Woman.

To the AMERICAE Woman luxury means many things. Luxury is allowing herself to live with presence and to value personal experiences. It includes embracing loved ones, the serenity of reading a book alone, touching a beautiful fabric, tasting or smelling a wonderful meal, listening to her favorite musician, or traveling around the world. These sensorial experiences are among what she values most in life, finding the beauty and extraordinariness in simple realities and appreciating the pursuit of her own version of extraordinary. 

AMERICAE Women wearing AMERICAE, from top to bottom, left to right: Ashley Griffin, Caitlyn Miyako, Tefi Pessoa, Jiahe Zhang, Natalie Lim Suarez, Krystal Bick, Lianna Liss, Dana Nozime, and Delanique Millwood.

Reality is extraordinary. You are too.

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