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The Leaf Earrings

Americae jewelry The Leaf Earrings
Americae jewelry The Leaf Earrings
Americae jewelry The Leaf Earrings
Americae jewelry The Leaf Earrings
Americae jewelry The Leaf Earrings

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Inspired by mystery and stark beauty. As seen in Town and Country Magazine and Byrdie.

Highlight their gentle texture with swept-back hair.


The Amazon. Its trees, power, mystery, and uniqueness. The Andes. Its stark beauty, edges and rough exterior. The proximity of South American metropolises to these natural powerhouses. These elements show us that beauty can be rugged and strong and they inspire us to treat life as an exciting adventure. They show us that magical realism lies not only in art or stories, but in real life collisions between these mystical raw ecosystems and concrete cities. These encounters deeply drive AMERICAE to create pieces that speak of true beauty, one that is imperfect yet so powerful. Hence, #realityisextraordinary. 

These earrings are hand-cast from gold-plated brass to mimic the fan-like shape and finely ribbed texture of leaves found in the Amazon and the Andes.

Each one is etched with a bit of texture, letting the gold and detail shimmer in the sun or moonlight.

Feels like rugged beauty and exciting adventure. Like a perfect wine pairing after a long drive through Southern France or your first sip of crisp water after an afternoon hike on a warm afternoon. ⁠

Earrings you can take from home days, to professional places where clean and rigid lines are the norm, and also to exciting locations where color and energy are de rigueur.

Wear these everywhere – because you add your own flair to wherever you please.

Product Details

Matted gold
Nickel free
Handcrafted and hand etched in Colombia
Dimensions: Height: .8" | Width: 1.25" 


Reality is extraordinary. You are too.

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