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– Think of this as our museum notes for ECOSYSTEM. –

AMERICAE presents a capsule that embodies elegance and modernity as we slowly approach the post-COVID-era. 
Elegance is not about “good taste,” it’s about being confident in your own way and never sacrificing your identity or self-expression. The past year brought the world towards introversion: a palette and portfolio of greys, neutrals, and loungewear. That introversion created a space for introspection, allowing us to think about how we want to present ourselves to the world. 
Our conclusion? That in order to live a purposeful life we must have the audacity to live brazenly and unapologetically, mustering every ounce of confidence we have as we approach every new day. Standing firmly in what we believe in artistically, socially, and in general we examine the barriers, tropes, and stereotypes women face in professional environments.
We gave free rein to these concepts in our creative process, and tackled the challenges women face in the workplace, specifically the outdated stereotypes about how women should dress, behave, or even progress in those environments.

Where magnetism meets modernity, here, clean lines marry rich hues and geometric silhouettes.

Meet ECOSYSTEM–the latest AMERICAE capsule.

In our first capsule of apparel in over a year–this capsule reveals a cornucopia of concepts we’ve been examining in private. From the purposeful use of color and intentional silhouettes that carry meaning, one thread connects them all. And that thread is the courage of conviction and purposeful living.

Our set was theatrical and reinterpreted a workplace consistent with the metaphorical concept of a city as a concrete jungle. The set derived its power by merging a traditional, conservative workplace with a mystical eco-system filled with flora and fauna found in a true jungle. Conservative office hardware, such as a glass table, classic phone, analog clock, classic metal filing cabinet, and a banker’s lamp served as a purposeful contrast to the flora, fauna, and tangled vegetation covering the floors and walls of a rainforest. 

The capsule itself has an electric palette that combines chartreuse, our brand’s signature color, with a robust raspberry, and an off-white shade to provide contrast. As colors carry meaning, these colors are symbolic of the women we represent. Chartreuse for the piquant or intriguing conversationalist, raspberry for power as interpreted through a singularly feminine lens, and off-white for empathy and purpose. 

With sleek and purposeful cuts in mind, we indulged in our love for tailoring, focusing on clean lines, sharply cut trousers, structured blazers with strong shoulders and asymmetrical components, and a jumpsuit that is simultaneously effortless, classic, and modern. All are accompanied by handbags in the same shade of their respective suit.  Together, the design of this capsule winks at purposeful and unapologetic living. 

We worked exclusively with fabric mills in Italy and Japan with either OEKO-TEX or GOTS certifications or other sustainable credentials to their name to produce this capsule. For the suits and blouses, we used gorgeous wools, silks, and wool blends from Italy. For the shirts, we used cottons from a premier producer in Japan, all of which were cut and sewn in New York City. For the accessories, we continued to source and produce with our small, women-owned partners in Colombia. 

Suit linings are printed with our logo – an additional source of joy. Our manifesto is on every care label, a reminder of our guide for living well.

The AMERICAE woman is purpose-driven and empathetic. She possesses the audacity to live confidently and unapologetically. Fundamentally, she just believes. We cast a phenomenal group of models who responded to our open casting call. We received hundreds of submissions from states across the country and selected three women from diverse backgrounds. Claire, a resident of North Carolina with the most vibrant red hair and underlying powerful personality to match. Tori, a native of New Jersey, student, and frontline worker with a tenacious can-do attitude. And Anjali, a multi-faceted powerhouse from New York: a humanitarian lawyer who is as empathetic and committed as her professional background suggests. 

There is magic in confidence and purposeful living. Further, to truly believe in something. What will you believe in?

Reality is extraordinary. You are too.

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