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The Raw Emerald Ring

The Raw Emerald Ring
The Raw Emerald Ring
Americae jewelry The Raw Emerald Ring
The Raw Emerald Ring
The Raw Emerald Ring
The Raw Emerald Ring

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Modern elegance, defined. As seen in PopSugar.

For a minimalist, it complements your rotation of clean lines. For the maximalist, it's your next best friend.


This ring is an elegant representation of the cornucopia of resources native to South America. This region has a rich heritage of emerald mines and interpreting them in their raw form in metallurgical works.

The Raw Emerald Ring is cut from a very large raw emerald gem rock, which results in the variability in size, color, and shape between each individual ring. Because a raw emerald rock is the convergence of beryllium, chromium, and vanadium, each cut stone is going to be a bit different than another, even though they're cut from the same rock. This adds to each ring's uniqueness.

Around the AMERICAE office we never take it off. Whether you treat it as an addition to your cocktail attire or a signature everyday piece, we have a feeling you won't either.

I like it best styled on your ring, pointer, or middle finger. I wanted to create things that tell a story of art and elegance. My favorite design refrain is ‘classic but with unexpected boldness.’ Wear this ring everywhere, because you add your own flair to wherever you please.

Product Details

Raw Emerald
The base of the ring is made out of recycled 14-karat gold, brass and a cow's horn
Each emerald will vary slightly in shades of dark green to blue-green, adding to the uniqueness of the ring. 
Like the emerald, each horn is also unique in its natural color, varying from black to chocolate brown
Recycled 14-karat gold. The base of the ring is carved from cow's horn, sourced from stockyards in Colombia and part of our effort to reduce waste. 
Handcrafted, one-by-one, by our emerald craftspeople in Colombia
Diameter: 1”



Due to its handcrafted and raw nature, Being completely natural, the color variation comes from the surrounding matrix stone so you may see dashes of white, silver, or copper mixed in with the green emerald. Please note that this is completely normal as an emerald stone is the convergence of beryllium, chromium, and vanadium.


All rings use normal U.S. standard sizing. If you need assistance with sizing, please refer to our care instructions.

If your size is sold-out, you can pre-order it on this page. All ring pre-orders take between 4-6 weeks to arrive from our atelier in Colombia. Your ring will ship out to you within 1 business day after receipt to our US warehouse. 



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