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Open Casting Call

Americae is a womenswear brand that believes in the emboldening power of impeccably constructed womenswear, is committed to delivering quality luxury product at an accessible price point, and celebrates the extraordinariness of every woman.

Our company is built by women for women, and what better way to celebrate women than by including you in our model casting process?

What else does Americae stand for? All of our product is made from gorgeous leather, soft cotton, and raw emeralds, just to name a few fabrics, and we are building immersive brick-and-mortar experiences that will transport you to our region of inspiration without having to hop on a plane. 

What are we looking for in a model? The Americae woman is multi-faceted. She is busy living life on her own terms, whether she is a CEO, chef, lawyer, business executive, yoga instructor, freelancer, or stay-at-home mother, and loves to explore and make an impact in the community and world around her.

Our ethos is #realityisextraordinary because we believe women should always feel empowered to dress as extraordinary as we are, dressing however we would like, adding our own personal flair to workplaces and communities we live in. 

We're looking for women who personify these characteristics.

For us, it’s important to create product that makes you feel incredible and encourages you to feel like you can dress how you want, when you want, all the time. After all, we did not set out to start another fashion brand with just beautiful things. We also set out to build a brand that celebrated all women for what we already are, extraordinary.

No matter your height, career, or location—we’re looking for you.

Americae models have gone on to model for Maybelline, Lela Rose, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Sound like a group of women you’d like to be part of?

Join us. Be the face of our next campaign.

You must be 18 years or older to apply.


  • Date: Friday, November 9th, 2018
  • Time: 9 a.m. - Noon
  • Location: 1635 Market Street, 16th Floor, Philadelphia

Please RSVP by emailing (1) photo of you, your full name, and Instagram handle to 

Terms and conditions apply. Click here.

Reality is Extraordinary. You are Too.

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