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Pre-Launch: Behind-the-Scenes

Pre-Launch: Behind-the-Scenes
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Never average, never boring.

Americae [ameri-kay]: (N) the Latin word for America, the land mass formed by North and South America.

“It started as a dream and blossomed into a purpose…” – there is no better way to explain how Americae became a reality.

From its beginning, our founder, Gabriela Guaracao, has always looked to the modern day, cosmopolitan woman for inspiration. While most brands are telling women to be strong, independent and bold––Americae believes women already are these things. Our mission is to simply bring you beautiful clothes that reflect how extraordinary you already are.

As we began our quest for a location to shoot our first collection, we knew we wanted to somehow bring the color and vibrancy of Latin America to life on our set. After weeks of research and a scarcity of theme appropriate locations, we began searching for a space where we could start from the ground up and create our own Amazon rainforest on set. 

Our goal was to transport the lush greens and tropical flowers of that rainforest and bring them to life for the shoot. We found a floral set designer that worked magic in sourcing varieties of palms, protesas, heliconias, orchids, and other flora native to that region. Along with our team of creative individuals, who’ve come from many different backgrounds within the fashion industry, we created the Americae experience.

Flower Wall

Our designs are infused with the color, vibrancy, and elegance of Latin America and our set was too.

We translate our love for fashion into beautifully bold, timeless, and elegant concepts. Our mission is to create fashion that reminds you that everyday is an extraordinary experience, uplifting the consumer with immersive and sensorial installations that inspire a sense of excitement to shop and find that perfect piece, while building the community of women who live our ethos: #RealityIsExtraordinary



Reality is Extraordinary. You are Too.

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