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Who is Behind Americae?

Who is Behind Americae?
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For women, by women.


To Americae’s founder, Gabriela Guaracao, fashion is more than just what you wear, it’s how you express yourself.

Her dream was to create a fashion brand that didn’t tell women to be extraordinary, but celebrated women for how extraordinary they already are. What began as a dream, blossomed into a purpose and became a reality—a womenswear brand dedicated to the simple truth that women’s fashion should be as extraordinary as she is.

Born in Bucaramanga, Colombia and raised between Colombia and the U.S., Gabriela defines herself as a ‘Latin Americanist.’ Having spent the first part of her career supporting storytelling through news media, her experience paved the way and fostered her desire to tell a new story through the lens of e-commerce and experiential retail.

Prior to launching Americae, she studied counterterrorism strategies and held an instrumental role as Director of Strategy for the multi-platform news media entity AL DÍA News, where she was part of the team that launched the first dual-language (Spanish/English) news website in the U.S. Her career path, like the career path of so many women, speaks to the innovative, passionate and—yes—extraordinary way in which women live their lives.

Gabriela believes in the power of celebrating life, infusing it with color, adventure, and joy––and she believes women’s fashion should be no different.

Americae is inspired by her belief in the power of celebrating life and the color and vibrancy of women.

The launch team is full of women who are committed to living life on their own terms, just like the Americae woman, and committed to creating an exceptional brand for women.

Included in the team is Elisa Manjarres, Americae's art director, who can often be found chasing her dream to become an amateur surfer and a certified yoga instructor when not pursuing the creative arts. 

Our digital marketing manager, Allie Omdahl, is a free spirit as much as she is committed to talking with you––the Americae Woman––through every digital channel.

Ashley Maass, a supply chain master, juggles a thousand responsibilities with ease in an effort to ensure you always receive exceptional product and service.

These women, and the several other women working behind the scenes, are inspired by you.

You––you are a woman working on creating the life of your dreams and living life on your own terms. You value experiences and luxury, whether that is seeing loved ones or reading a book alone, touching a wonderful fabric or skin of a loved one, tasting or smelling a wonderful meal or cocktail, listening to your favorite musician, or traveling around the world. And you desire fashion to be accessible, quality, and beautiful and see it as an extension of who you are.

Through Americae, we hope you find that perfect piece that celebrates your life.

#RealityisExtraordinary and you are too. 


Reality is Extraordinary. You are Too.

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